Must-have Apps for Sailors

Smartphones have become essential for practicing any kind of sports and of course this technological revolution has managed to reach the sailing world in so many different ways.

Almost every day a new sailing app is born, weather if you are trying to calculate the wind speed, temperature, track your route or maybe organize a regatta event, chances are there might already be something for you out there.

But with so many options out there, choosing the right one might be kinda tricky. Here are key ones you should consider:

For tracking and Sailing races

Sail-Air is a simple sailing aid app which helps in sailing regattas smart and efficient. It helps to find to organize and track your own race event and invite anyone you want.

Using the Sail-Air makes the navigation of regattas and sailboats smart and efficient, the App is very easy to use. It helps you get from your location to another route point with the most optimal cruising way.

Wind measurment

Windguru is a well-known application for sailors, quite simple to use. It displays real-time forecasts of wind and temperature in the chosen area with a high degree of reliability, so you can always find the best conditions for your sport!

Vaavud is a waterproof plastic device, dust and sand resistant. It connects to your iPhone or iPad, to measure the wind speed in a precise manner in all directions, current speeds, etc.

Weather forecast

WeatherPro is Europe’s leading paid-for weather app. It features seven-day forecasts and reports for over two million locations worldwide. Definitely a must for sailors.

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